A whole lot of bhuti

Jemima Cousins experiences the full bhuti treatment - London's latest holistic hotspot

bhuti bag for life

bhuti, Sanskrit, for “wellbeing” is the inner voice

When you need to get away from it all: screaming kids; an overbearing boss; rush hour commute home, bhuti is London’s calm spot. Tucked away in leafy Richmond, the shopfront masks the holistic haven inside. In a nutshell, bhuti offers yoga, pilates, hi-tec holistic spa treatments, complementary therapies, events, workshops and an organic vegan kitchen – but that’s putting it simply.

Nom, nom, nom – Delicious organic vegan food


When I visited after work this week, I was expecting a straight- forward yoga session and a light gluten-free nibble at the end. To my surprise, or more so delight, the yoga class was set in a candlelit room that flooded me with a zen-like feeling from the off. At the end of the session, bhuti founder and yoga teacher, Samantha Trinder went round to each person and gently massaged on to the brow and ear lobes a relaxing scent that made me want to roll over sleep!

Switch off with a meditation class

This is not another over-priced yoga centre –  bhuti offers much more. In my opinion it entrenches you in to holistic lifestyle that can’t be achieved from the odd yoga session at the local gym. There are more than 35 weekly expert-led yoga, pilates, meditation and fitness classes for all levels, from beginners to advanced. After the yoga session, we went to the snug and met an astrologer who gave short meditation session – another example of the therapeutic treatments available. 

Cosy snug to retreat from the hustle and bustle


If you’re in an indulgent mood you can treat yourself to a facial or massage that uses crystals and sound therapy to revitialise the mind and body. I liked that the changing room had luxury premium organic British brands for you to try – plus they’re all available to buy in the store. If retail therapy is your thing the on-site shop has Yoga wear brands such as ILU, No Balls and Salt yoga, accessories, and Wanderlust jewellery

‘Try before you buy’ – premium British brands

Drop-in classes are available but if you’re prepared to commit to the lifestyle (which from my visit is very seductive), there are tailored memberships that are worth looking into.

Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 9am-9pm, Sunday 10am-6pm

bhuti – 50 Hill Rise | Richmond | TW10 6UB. Tel: 0330 400 3108



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