Black, female salon owner making moves in the beauty business

Salon owner Hannah-Curlita Dennis launches her own beauty brand to tackle the lack of diversity in make-up

Hannah-Curlita Dennis is a fully qualified beautician, semi-permanent makeup specialist, advanced skincare expert, make-up artist and owner of Curlita Beauty in Stafford. She’s just added another string to her not inconsiderable bow, by bringing out her own make-up line.

With more than ten years’ experience in the beauty industry, Hannah is a champion of services that build confidence and boost self-esteem. Mastering the art of helping people to look and feel great about who they are through beauty treatments, led Hannah to open her own salon in 2015.

Curlita Beauty Salon interior

Ever the entrepreneur and never one to miss an opportunity, Hannah developed Winnie Beau London, her own range of lipsticks and lip glosses in 2017. As a black woman who has struggled to find suitable shades on the high-street, it was important for her to create a colour range that would suit a wide variety of skin tones.

Offering a comprehensive 14 shades, Winnie Beau is an affordable, inclusive and cruelty-free beauty range that provides long lasting and highly pigmented lipsticks and lip glosses (prices start from £9.99). The brand was named after Hannah’s nan, Winnie, who lived in London most of her life. ‘She’s my absolute most favourite person in the world,’ said Hannah. ‘She had to take crowning glory and be the brand name.’

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WBL has proved popular with other salons looking for a quality product to provide an additional retail purchase. Growing in popularity amongst beauty schools and industry professionals, Winnie Beau is used by a number of professional make-up artists and has become popular amongst celebrities including Love Island’s Olivia Attwood and Sugababe, Mutya Buena. Hannah is currently working on new shades for the range, as well as developing other beauty products to expand the brand.

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  1. by Hannah-Curita on 27/07/2020  11:19 AM Reply

    Hi, will this article be in the printed version too?

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