Faayde | The new black founder lifestyle brand

Who would have thought that the world of stain removal could give rise to a business opportunity? This black founder took the plunge

FAAYDE founder Helena Osei-Bonsu

Faayde (pronounced Fade) is a new stylishly designed stain remover spray you can carry around with you while on the go. Founded by Helena Osei-Bonsu in August 2020, the brand is already proving a big hit with consumers, and has been included on Stylist magazine’s curated online partner store – The Drop.

“Faayde is bringing something new and unique to the stain remover market,” says founder Helena. “The current model is heavily focused on in-house washing solutions. However, the brand’s USP is that it’s compact size and allows for a stain removal solution whilst you’re on the go. Whether you choose to rub the material together, or simply use a cloth to wipe the stain down; with just a little bit of water and a few pumps of the spray, Faayde can come to your rescue.”

At just 100ml per bottle, this vegan-friendly spray is the perfect solution for those ”oops” moments. Whether it’s make-up smudges or those random food and drink spills that you get on your clothes whilst travelling day to day!
Faayde which retails at £11.99/100ml would make a great stocking filler and is available from www.allthingsfaayde.com

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