Get the Look: Precision Men’s Afro Hair Cut How-to

Jim Shaw, owner of Toni&Guy Billericay and award-winning men’s hairdresser gives the lowdown on this precision barber cut

Autumn is here and is a great time for men to opt for a new hair colour or hair cut for the new season. Men often want to keep their same haircut but do want to experiment with different hairstyles and ways that they can switch their hair up. This edgy look is for men who may be feeling a bit fed up with their current hairstyle and interested in trying something different…

With this image it was all about creating a style that was true to myself and my signature look – clean and precise. Precision for me is about creating looks with strong outlines that keep the hair look fresh and on trend and play a real emphasis on the hair, whilst also complimenting the face and the bone structure of the model or client you’re working on.

Precision cuts help to create a striking finish and when the image is cropped correctly and tight, it further emphasises the sharpness of the hair. For this look in particular, our model Marvin’s bone structure was as strong as the linear finish we created within his hair, it was exactly what we wanted to create in terms of strength and finish.? 

Steps for creating the look

  1. To create this look I started by using clippers to create a fade haircut, leaving length on top but shortening the sides of the hair. Guards were used to gradually fade and blend the hair for a precise and clean finish.
  2. Once the clippers have been used to fade the hair, I then like to use them to clean up areas around the neckline and hairline to create more precise, sharp lines.
  3. I then always like to go in with scissors to get closer to the hair and to clean up the hair look and ensure it looks neat and tidy on top.
  4. Using the clippers, we took out a chunk of the hair on top and then neatened this up again with scissors. We did this to create more of a unique and statement look that further draw your eyes to the hairstyle.
  5. To finish, I used American Crew Fibre to keep the shape we created in place and provide the hair with high hold and low shine that allowed the hair to look more natural in appearance and although little to no product had been used.

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