How to Stay Safe This Autumn, as Experts Warn of Double-Threat of Covid and Flu

Experts warn of the spread of Covid and flu this Autumn and show actions we can take to reduce the risks from both Covid and flu

As the seasons change and with children back at school, we all tend to catch more coughs and colds. But this Autumn is different – after 18 months of limited socialising and exposure to bugs, the nation’s immune system is at an all-time low.

Scientists are warning of a particularly bad flu season while Covid cases surge. However, there are things we can all do to limit the spread of both viruses, keep ourselves safe, and protect our friends and families. From getting fresh air indoors to Covid booster jabs, here are actions we can all take to reduce the risks from both Covid and flu.

30 million Covid booster jabs to be offered this winter

NHS records show Black people are least likely to get the Covid vaccine in England, with 72% of Black over 50-year-olds getting the jab compared to 94% of white people in the same age group. Yet Black people continue to be more at risk of death and hospitalisation from Covid and the 50+ group remains one of the most vulnerable.

That’s why the NHS is inviting people over 50 to top-up their immunity by getting the Covid booster jab, along with clinically vulnerable people and frontline health and social care workers. People aged 16 to 49 with underlying health conditions and anyone living with someone with an immune disorder should also get the booster jab.

Vaccines have been vital to us regaining some normality in our daily lives. So far, 9 out of 10 adults have had at least one Covid jab, resulting in 24 million fewer infections and over 130,000 lives saved by Covid vaccines in England alone.

To be eligible for a booster you need to have received your second dose at least six months ago, and you should receive a letter or text letting you know when it’s your turn.

Who should get a flu jab

Sadly, each year around 11,000 people die in England alone from the flu and experts warn there could be 60,000 deaths this year. Despite this, the seriousness of flu is often underestimated. According to a survey of 200 Black people in England, a quarter of respondents (26%) didn’t know that you can die from the flu and a similar share (24%) think the coming flu season won’t be as bad because of past lockdowns.

The NHS will offer 35 million flu vaccines this Autumn – five million more than usual. To stave off a serious wave of the flu, many people will need to get the flu jab for the first time. Those most at risk from Covid are also most at risk of getting seriously sick with the influenza virus.

People who need both the flu and Covid boosters include over 50s, those at risk or with long-term health conditions, and health and social care workers. Pregnant women and children and teenagers aged 2 to 16 need to get the flu vaccine only.

??Eligible people can book an appointment for their flu jab at either their GP practice or their local pharmacy as soon as possible. Those who are pregnant can ask for their free flu jab at their local maternity service.

Covid and flu vaccine for children and teenagers

Although Covid doesn’t usually affect the very young as badly, offering children Covid jabs will reduce the number currently missing out on school after testing positive. Vaccinating children and teenagers against Covid and flu also minimises the spread of both viruses among vulnerable groups like older people and babies (in the case of the flu), while flu can still cause serious problems in children, including bronchitis and pneumonia.

Children aged 2 to 11 and those aged 2 to 17 years with long-term health conditions will receive a nasal spray of the flu vaccine free on the NHS. 12–17-year-olds will also be offered a single dose of the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid vaccine. Children will only be vaccinated with parental consent and many Covid jabs will be administered in school as with other vaccines like tetanus.

The UK is also not alone, there are several countries already vaccinating children with the same Covid vaccines, so there’s plenty of real-world data, as well as trial data to support their safety and effectiveness.

Other preventative measures for avoiding Covid and the flu

  • When someone with Covid coughs, sings or even breathes, they send out tiny particles containing the virus that hang around in the air like smoke. Studies show that allowing fresh air into a room, even for just 10 minutes at a time throughout the day disperses these particles, reducing Covid transmission rates by up to 70%
  • Wearing a facemask in busy or enclosed spaces reduces your chance of catching Covid
  • Get tested regularly and isolate at home if you test positive

Find out how to book your flu vaccine and if you’re eligible for the Covid booster at

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