Manchester-based Salon Offers Free and Discounted Hairstyles

RCNQ hairstyle

RCNQ salon will be offering free and discounted hairstyles throughout the month so that their stylists can gain experience with different hair textures

RCNQ salon

RCNQ salon is offering free and discounted hairstyles for afro hair and braiding every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday the month. The Manchester-based salon, which specialises in creative styling for people of all backgrounds, wants its stylists to gain experience styling different hair types.

“There’s a huge divide between the diversity and skill sets available in salons, which results in different hair types going to different salons,” says Rob Czlapka, the head stylist and owner of RCNQ. “Black hairdressers typically have the skillset to cater to all hair types, whereas white hairdressers don’t learn how to work with afro hair. Predominantly white salons should be able to provide hair services to all people, regardless of race.”

RCNQ is an inclusive and welcoming environment that provides its clients with an escape from societal pressures to act and look a certain way. The staff wants to provide a comfortable space for all, regardless of gender, race, class and sexual orientation, and give great customer service.

Black hairdressers typically have the skillset to cater to all hair types, whereas white hairdressers don’t learn how to work with afro hair.

Rob Czlapka – head stylist of RCNQ

“We’re also investing in anti-racism training, to further ensure our salon is a safe space for people of colour,” Czlapka says. “This has been followed up with training to ensure best practice stays in place, and micro-aggression management so individuals know how to handle situations.”

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Free and discounted hairstyles

The salon will donate 10% of the profit from June appointments to the Black United Representation Network. BURN is an organisation that advises black-owned businesses in Great Manchester so that there are more Black leaders in decision-making roles. The organisation is collaborating with Be The Business to offer the Advisory Board programme that supports Black-lead businesses for free over 12 months.

The free hairstyles offered by RCNQ, which opened in 2013, includes flat twists, bantu knots and more. 

Bantu knots

“Within the next year, I want a completely mixed background of collaborators at RCNQ with the full skills to cater to any person’s needs,” Czlapka says. “We’re striving to include anyone in the experience that we offer, and other salons need to do the same.”

To schedule your hair appointment at RCNQ, head over to its website.

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