Meet the team…

Meet the editorial team behind

Irene Shelley


Role Editor-in-chief

Hair must-haves… Rosewater and vitamin E oil spray, satin pillowcase and loc socs

Handbag essential… iPhone and handcream

How do you keep in shape? Ballet for adults

Worst habit… Leaving my phone in my handbag – all day!

Fashion icon…  Carine Roitfeld

Last book I read… Special Topics in Calamity Physics by Marisha Pessl

Guilty secret… Candy Crush – I’m on level 2,259. That’s probably years of my life wasted!

Best things about my job: The variety: writing, going to press launches, meeting the best in the industry and getting to do what others dream about. Oh, and did I mention the products!

Follow on Instagram: @ididfashion


Candace Dantes, a.k.a. Cowgirl Candace

Role U.S. hair and beauty correspondent

What else do you do? Investigate, report and write rural stories as a feature writer/journalist; teach journalism to K-12 and college students

Hair must-haves… Coconut oil and a rat tail comb to scratch my scalp

How do you keep in shape? A lot of farm work and running after my daughter, nieces

Worst habit…I always leave the beauty store with new hair beads and barrettes. Our bow box is overflowing…

Style icon…Eryah Badu

Last book I read… “Abandonment in Dixie: Underdevelopment in the Black Belt” by Dr. Veronica L. Womack

Guilty secret…I keep buying high-waist jeans from Target, and some still have tags on them. It’s awful

Best hair tip…Don’t loc your hair too often. Loc roots will start thinning. New growth is needed, so embrace it for a few weeks before relocking

Best things about my job: I get to talk to talented hair/beauty professionals and influencers around the globe. I get to travel to gorgeous destinations both home and abroad

Where can we find you? 


Trishad Atanga


Role: Social Media Manager

Hair must-have: A satin bonnet, water spray, aloe vera gel, and a deep conditioner.

Handbag essential: A notebook and a red lipstick, I like to be ready under all circumstances!

My favourite film: The Preacher’s Wife, with Denzel Washington and Whitney Houston

Worst habit: I love shopping… And often buy unnecessary goodies!

Style icon: Tracee Ellis Ross

Obsessed with: Makeup! I never have enough lipsticks and always like to try new eyeshadow shades.

Guilty secret: I’m falling for French pastries…

Best hair tip: Never sleep without detangling your hair: add a moisturiser, seal it with natural oil and make big twists. Your hair will thank you the day after!

Follow on Instagram… @curlsandglasses

Vanessa Ojapah


Role: Contributing digital content editor

Hair must have… A moisturising hair masque and a loyal leave in conditioner.

Handbag essential…My diary as I scribble all my thoughts and ideas there.

My favourite film… Think Like A Man

Worst habit… Forgetting to reply to text messages.

Style icon… Winonah De Jong.

Last country I visited… Nigeria.

Obsessed with… Buying hair products – I’m a massive product junkie.

Guilty secret… I can’t stop watching Keeping up with the Kardashians.

Best hair tip… Be kind and patient to your hair.

Follow on Instagram… @itsonlyvanessa


If you’d like to get in contact with us, please email:

Out and about with the team…










  1. by Wendy Smith on 10/07/2017  1:27 PM Reply

    Just out of interest, How would you go about modelling for black hair and beauty.
    My daughter who is 15 has beautiful black long afro hair. Would like her to be proud
    of her natural hair - modelling hair might help and knowing how to care for natural hair

  2. by Rosalind Brumant on 05/07/2017  3:38 PM Reply

    Hello, We are a thirty year old company have several brands. We would be interested in having our products reviewed by the team. In addition, We would be interested in being on the give-a-way page. Please let me know how we can participate.

  3. by Jayne Rossiter-Gill on 25/04/2017  11:40 AM Reply


    I sent an email in to Irene last week regarding getting a gorgeous image from one of my creative photo shoots into your magazine. Just wanted to double check if you had received it please?

    Kindest Regards Jayne

    • by IShelley on 25/04/2017  5:55 PM Reply

      Hi Jayne,

      Lovely to hear from you. We did receive the amazing image thanks, and Irene has sent you an email.

      Kind regards,
      The BBH Team

  4. by Caroline on 19/04/2017  2:23 PM Reply

    Dear Blackbeautyandhair

    We thought to reach out to you as we are very excited about the launch of our Black Dolls with Afro Hair Nobuhle (“Beautiful person” in Zulu) and we would appreciate your assistance in building awareness. We believe our little girls self esteem is of imperative to each little embracing her natural beauty. She is vanilla scented gorgeously chocolate with afro hair.

    We had a lot of push back from manufactures who said black dolls don't sells and refused to make the dolls or refused to make the features to our specification. However we are so pleased we overcame the boundaries and pushed through.

    We be very grateful if you would let us know the possibility of a feature in your magazine or social media to raise awareness about the doll and would be happy to agree a give away to your readers. Please can we send you some pictures.

    We are very excited about the doll, it has been a challenging process being the doll to love but we believe our little girls self esteem is of imperative to each little embracing her natural beauty.

    Please let us know your thoughts

    Kind regards

  5. by Liz on 15/03/2017  7:31 PM Reply

    Hello I am a writer and would love to write some short, comedic stories of the challenges black women face with their hair and how they overcome that. Is this something you'd be interested in?

    • by IShelley on 16/03/2017  12:18 PM Reply

      Hi Liz

      Thanks for getting in touch with us. We're always looking for great content for the magazine. Please send a sample of your work to and we'll get back to you.

      The BBH Team

      • by lizzie on 22/03/2017  7:44 PM Reply


        Thanks for getting back to me. I will send you an email now :)


  6. by Khadijat on 13/02/2017  11:34 AM Reply

    Hi, I recently sent an email asking about a possible internship and I wanted to know if it was received.


    • by IShelley on 13/02/2017  1:05 PM Reply

      Hi Khadijat
      We love having interns and work experience students! Send your email and CV to and we'll make sure it gets passed on to the relevant person.

      The BBH Team

  7. by Nana Boaitey on 25/10/2016  7:45 AM Reply

    Hi there,

    I hope you're all well?

    I recently sent an e-mail via, kindly wondering if you were seeking and/or accepting modelling submissions at present?

    Please let me know your thoughts.

    Best Wishes,


    • by IShelley on 25/10/2016  10:40 AM Reply

      Hi Nana
      Thanks for getting in touch. We're not actually commissioning any photography at the moment, so we won't be requiring any models at this present time. Check out our social media platforms as we sometimes get companies asking us to send them models.

      Kind regards,
      The BBH Team

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  9. by SB on 20/07/2016  1:08 PM Reply

    Good Afternoon

    We have a large hair event coming up and wanted to discuss the possibility of sponsorship and promotion. Who would be the best person to discuss this matter with.

    Love your magazine

    Kind regards


    • by IShelley on 21/07/2016  12:41 PM Reply

      Hi there, thanks for the interest shown on our website. Please contact and your email will be passed on to the relevant person.

      The BBH Team

  10. by Felicia on 09/07/2016  12:20 PM Reply

    Hello, I wanted to know how would I get in touch in regards to writing content/ assisting in styling for shoots. I'm a fashion blogger and freelance stylist and would love to work with the magazine it would be great for my profile.

    • by IShelley on 11/07/2016  12:56 PM Reply

      Thanks for getting in touch. Contact editor Irene Shelley at and she will get back to you.

      Kind regards
      The BBH Team

  11. by Shiny on 08/06/2016  4:40 PM Reply

    I have a friend who is now looking for hair magazines to send shots to so that they can promote their salons
    so I would like to ask you a few questions.
    I'm not sure how this works, but is there any way for us to send shots to you and you might publish it for us?
    and if yes,
    Is there any specific requirements?
    Thank you for your patience

    • by IShelley on 14/06/2016  2:48 PM Reply

      Hi Shiny

      Thanks for getting in touch. We love featuring work from new salons. Please send an email to and mark it for the attention of editor Irene Shelley. She'll get back to you with details on how to proceed on getting your work published.

      Kind regards
      The BBH Team

  12. by Charlene on 22/05/2016  9:15 PM Reply

    Hello ladies

    I've recently launched Charlene's hairipy , homemade natural hair care range. I would love a whole page of advertising in your magazine please.

    • by IShelley on 25/05/2016  5:40 PM Reply

      Hi there

      Sounds like a lovely range of products. Contact and someone will get back to you.

  13. by Fatima Kissi on 30/04/2016  6:52 PM Reply

    Hello Ladies
    First , Bravo for leading the way to celebration for Black Beauty! Your commitment and output are glamorously appreciated.

    To second that, I would like to offer my volunteer contribution as a free-lance writer for the magazine. I welcome your guidance on the best way to do so.

    Fatima K. Traore

  14. by Samantha on 04/04/2016  10:46 PM Reply

    Good Evening

    I am an MUA who would like to submit some images to yourselves for publication consideration. Could you please advise if you accept submissions and if so the correct procedure for doing so?

    Thank you in advance.

    Kind regards


    • by IShelley on 05/04/2016  12:08 PM Reply

      Hi Smantha

      We're always interested in seeing new work and would love to see your pictures. Please email and mark it for the attention of Irene Shelley

      • by Samantha on 07/04/2016  12:14 PM Reply

        Thank you so much. Emailed 5.4.16.

        Kind regards

  15. by Stephanie on 29/03/2016  9:39 PM Reply

    Good Afternoon,

    I am an aspiring model, looking to gain much exposure and network as much as possible. Is BlackBeautyandHair accepting modeling submissions? If so, where do I send my submission, and what should be the subject line of the email?

    • by IShelley on 31/03/2016  12:46 PM Reply

      Hi there,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Drop us a line at with the subject line: Model submissions.

      Looking forward to hearing from you.


  16. by Pauline Lewis on 17/02/2016  9:10 AM Reply

    Hi I Shelley
    Great job with your magazine - always full of great and new info and ideas
    I am bringing out my own handmade completely natural luxurious coconut oils range and would love to do an interview on using natural coconut oil for beauty - "not all oils are created equal" I have my oils certified by a safety assessor under the Cosmetic Regulations.
    Keep up the good work.
    All the best

    • by IShelley on 17/02/2016  11:43 AM Reply

      Hi Pauline
      Lovely to hear from you. Thanks for your positive comments! It's great to hear that you like what we do. We're always looking for new companies to mention online and in the magazine. Please send and email to

  17. by Sandrine Anterrion on 16/02/2016  11:58 AM Reply

    I would love to write an article or do a story on belly dancing for women's fitness and empowerment.
    I am a performer and teacher based in London.

    • by IShelley on 16/02/2016  5:16 PM Reply

      Hi Sandrine

      Thanks for getting in touch. We'd love to have a story on belly dancing! Do you have pictures we can use for the article? Contact us on:

  18. by ALEXANDRA on 26/12/2015  8:13 PM Reply

    I am a dancer/choreographer, musician, actress and emerging model from Chandler, Arizona. I would like to know what a girl would have to do in order to be featured on the cover of your magazine and have a spread in the magazine as well? Let me know.

    • by IShelley on 04/01/2016  3:06 PM Reply

      Hi there
      Lovely to hear from you. We no longer shoot our own front covers, instead the images that are selected have been
      sent to us from hairdessers and/or haircare companies. We usually reserve our spreads for our celebrity features. We do have a 'Model' section online that you can take part in:


  19. by IShelley on 15/10/2015  11:34 AM Reply

    Hi Suzi
    Lovely to hear from you.
    The photographs that you see in the magazine (including the front covers) are sent to us from hair salons and haircare companies, who pick their own models and organise their own shoots. A hair model has to have a strong head of hair and be flexible as to what sort of style will be carried out on it. (It's no use being a hair model if you want to grow your hair or if your hair is very weak and breaking). You also have to be relaxed in front of a camera as well as being photogenic. Patience is also a virtue, as is a good sense of humour as getting the perfect picture could take a long time.
    Contact salons whose work you like and whose work regularly appears in the magazine and offer them your services. Don't be offended if they say no, as they probably have many enquiries of this nature.

  20. by Suzi Eduardo on 15/10/2015  1:01 AM Reply


    For many years I have bought the black beauty hair magazine and I absolutely love it.
    I wanted to know how I can go on about modelling for black beauty hair magazine or being n the magazine alone would be a dream come true for me, please forgive me if I sound crazy.
    I would please like for you to tell me how to go on about modelling for you or being in the front cover.

    Many Thanks
    Suzi Eduardo

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