New Model Agency For Darker Skin Girls Helps Their Self Esteem

Choco Media Models is a dark skin empowerment and model management agency that promotes darker skinned black models to help rebalance self esteem issues

Much has been made on social media on the positive lack of representation of darker skinned women in the media. Lupita Nyong’o did much to dispel the myth that darker skinned women couldn’t be beautiful. But despite the actress’s numerous front covers and editorials on the pages of the glossiest fashion magazines, there’s still a lot of work to be done to hold up darker complexions as a beauty ideal.

Dark skinned women are still being insulted, ignored or shamed. Remember the recent furore about people posting racist comments on MAC’s Instagram of a black model at New York Fashion Week? Or the NFL footballers Brennan Clay and Tony Jefferson who made fun of the dark skinned model in a bikini line up and then there’s the recent debacle on Zoe Saldana having to go blackface and wear a prosthetic to play Nina Simone in the new biopic, that got everybody asking, where are the dark skinned actresses who could have played this role?

Choco Models was founded by 22-year-old Kereen Hurley, a performing arts student. who explained, ‘There was a huge incident recently about a woman being too dark to enter Dstrkt night club. Social media can be very cruel when it comes to dark skin woman, criticising their skin tone and facial features. There are a lot of ignored comments about the lack of dark skin girls in the entertainment industry and this can ruin their self esteem. I started a new dark skin empowerment and model management company called Choco Media Models. It’s a company that empowers dark skinned woman in the UK, to help rebalance self esteem issues.’

Black Business Founder Sets Up Agency For Dark Skinned Models

Meet Kereen Hurley of Choco Models

By setting up her agency, Kereen hopes to help darker complexioned woman get more opportunities in the entertainment industry. ‘Dark skinned woman are frustrated about their lack of opportunities, creating Choco Media Models would create a huge difference.’

If you’re interested send your pictures and details to: Kereen says, ‘We welcome all types from curvy, slim, African, Caribbean, broad noses – the list goes on.’




  1. by Delia quesada on 05/05/2021  4:59 PM Reply

    I am Cuban and African American. I am brown skin and I am 16. I love singing, I love dancing, I love the camera. I am very easy on the eye. I promise I am slim thick, so model agencies don't like that. I just want to share my brown skin beauty and let all brown skin girls know that they are just as beautiful as light skin girls or white skin girls – we are all important.

  2. by Abigail on 03/05/2021  3:36 PM Reply

    Hi I’m 16 years old and I would love to be a model especially for your agency. I have always been interested in modeling since I was a kid but lately it has really been in my heart to start taking action.

  3. by Nolizwi Cele on 25/04/2021  3:30 PM Reply

    Hi I'm Nolizwi Cele

    I am a dark skinned girl who is 22 years of age who really loves modelling and I wish to join your agency.

  4. by Lizalinda on 07/12/2019  5:29 AM Reply

    My dream is to be a model since I was a kid...I really would like to be a model one day

    • by Kittydarling on 12/04/2021  11:51 AM Reply

      I'm 21. A dark skin girl who's been laughed at since age 2 because of my skin color
      I'd love to be a fashion model
      I want to show myself to the world
      Please help me
      Because I believe you can

  5. by Jeanette Coleman-Gentry on 16/09/2019  2:08 PM Reply

    I am 59, and have desired a modeling career since the age of 22. At 5'10~142 I was told in 1982 that I needs to "lose" 10lbs, acquire a portfolio of pics, and come back...dark-skinned and livin' in Indianapolis, Indiana; my options were better served somewhere like at least Chicago. So, here I am wondering if indeed thru social media I can still provide the world with much needed essence, vibrance, black beauty/tempered now with wisdomatic grace and elegance, humorous stories, topped off with a listening ear for problem solving. I really just feel it would be an acknowledgement to me that yes, such a career would have been possible (if) not (you was dreamin') Just a professional photo shoot with the make up artist and stylist for fee (I'll pay it) I'm that curious...thank you for your time.???

  6. by Keerthi on 31/07/2019  8:46 AM Reply

    Hello iam from india iam 25 ..iam dusky skin girl iam interested in modelling ...please give me a chance ..

  7. by Vivian on 21/05/2019  12:13 PM Reply

    Hi, I'm Vivian. A mother of three kids, and interested in modelling for you. Contact me and you won't regret it.Cheers

    • by shaNiya on 22/12/2020  8:21 AM Reply

      Hey I'm Shaniya, I'm 14 and I'm about 5'9 I would love to model. I'm from Baltimore

    • by Diana on 30/04/2021  4:26 PM Reply

      Ah are you okay? You rather are supposed to contact them.

  8. by Nicole on 23/03/2019  11:37 PM Reply

    Hi, I am Nicole..18-years-old and it will be my great pleasure to be part of the melanin modelings.

  9. by Shauntavius on 05/02/2019  11:30 PM Reply

    I was wondering I'm very dark skinned and I have 12 tattoos, including one big one on my hand and I've never taken a professional photo before. I'm 5' 3", 133lbs, slim but I'm also pigeon-toed – my feet go in when I walk... Should I try this you guys, or what should I do ? Can any one tell me the rules.

    • by IShelley on 06/02/2019  1:12 PM Reply

      Hi Shauntay,
      Thanks for getting in touch. Model agencies usually set their own criteria for models on their books. You should email Choco Media Models directly on: and ask them if you are a suitable candidate for their agency. It's worth noting that the agency is currently based in the UK.
      Kind regards,
      BBH Team

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  11. by Ashwini Sandra on 29/09/2018  8:58 PM Reply

    Hi iam Ashwini Sandra, I just love modeling, can you please let me know what is the procedure or how to contact your agency.

  12. by Johnesha Tomlinson on 26/09/2018  2:57 AM Reply

    Hi Im 18 years old I graduated in 2018 I am studying electrical engineering at a community college, I am dark skin and would love to join your agency.

  13. by Linda Amoding on 01/08/2018  9:29 AM Reply

    Hi I'm 24 years and chocolate skinned, would like to join your modelling agency please help

  14. by sarah on 11/07/2018  11:48 PM Reply

    I am looking for a makeup model for black skin. Anyone interested, please contact
    Thank you

  15. by Grace lee on 29/06/2018  1:28 AM Reply

    Hey, I love what I just read. How can I join your agency , I'm pretty dark , well built and I catch a lot of attention most times, please tell me how to register and work with you guys.

  16. by Mohamed on 09/06/2018  5:30 PM Reply

    Hi, what about brown skin men is there any other agencies!

  17. by Geselle on 30/05/2018  12:29 AM Reply

    Hi, I'm 16 I would love to know how to join your agency

  18. by Laquita Ridley on 20/01/2018  3:37 PM Reply

    I would love to model.

    • by Angel on 30/08/2020  11:40 AM Reply

      Hy..My name is Angel and I am 15 turning 16 years old. I am a dark skinned and thick girl. I have always wanted to go into the modelling industry but I never got the chance to. I was always told that I am not slim enough to become a model. Please help me.

  19. by Ashley on 21/09/2017  4:50 PM Reply

    I very happy to hear about this campaign. I'm a dark skin young woman and I strongly believe black is beautiful and I would love to know how I can get involved in this . I love modelling and encouraging other young black girls

  20. by Isabella on 06/09/2017  2:51 PM Reply

    Hi I'm 20 years ...I want to audition for modelling....currently in Zimbabwe.

  21. by Sharon W on 11/05/2017  8:03 AM Reply

    I'm a 65 year old chocolate beauty.
    How may I help you further your dream?

    • by Reshma on 31/05/2017  6:21 AM Reply

      I am brown color. I am 17 and interested in modeling.

    • by Agnes njeri on 08/11/2018  7:13 AM Reply a dark skinned African beauty with a good height and would like to further my modelling because I'm madly in love with fashion....but am not able to...please help.

  22. by Ann piath on 05/05/2017  2:13 AM Reply

    I'm 23 and I did modelling sometimes during my high school, I'm currently in Nairobi, Kenya and planning to move to Dubai..I'll be glad to be considered..Thank you

  23. by joyce on 25/03/2017  10:22 PM Reply

    m 20 n interested

  24. by Nyariak on 24/03/2017  9:43 PM Reply

    Hello am new and i would like to get more details thank you

  25. by Keniesha on 09/03/2017  11:35 PM Reply

    I'm very interested & would love to know how to join. I am 21 and really interested in modeling.

    • by IShelley on 10/03/2017  10:08 PM Reply

      We've left the details in the article, contact: for more details.

      Good luck,

      The BBH Team

    • by Dorotha Semil on 30/06/2020  10:04 PM Reply

      Hi my name is Dorotha and I’m am very fascinated by this model agency. I’m a dark skinned girl myself and like many dark skinned people, I was made fun of because of my complexion. Being dark skinned, people would always ask me if I stood too long outside or they would make jokes about me saying they can’t see me in the dark and they would always say, 'Oh Dorotha, why can’t you just scrub yourself harder so you can become lighter?' Because of those people making fun of me, it drove me into a deep depression where I didn’t want to go to school because I was afraid someone could say something that can hurt me, because I knew that if I said something wrong to this person, they were gonna say something that would hurt my feelings really bad. I’m not really asking to become a part of this amazing agency, I just wanted to tell my story. But it would be nice have have a place where I can be who I wanna and I don’t have to be ashamed of who I am and that I should love my color.

  26. by Diana on 03/03/2017  12:22 PM Reply

    hey there,
    i was just wondering how old do you have to be to apply.

    • by IShelley on 10/03/2017  10:10 PM Reply

      Hi there

      Thanks for your enquiry. Contact for more details.


      The BBH Team

  27. by Tinger on 02/09/2016  10:46 AM Reply

    You guys prove again and again that there is nothing in white color... keep rocking. This post is so inspiring.

  28. by Lauryn ec on 18/06/2016  12:22 PM Reply

    Am 15 years old I just want to say what you're doing is so amazing and motivating, especially for dark skinned teenage girls out there. Ever since I became a teenager I started to get bullied about my skin tone at school, public places and my community. It sometimes really affects my self-esteem and makes me feel like an outsider. Thank you so much for starting this agency I would really like to get involved to encourage dark skinned girls out there, that we are equally beautiful just as other girls.

  29. by Shanola Grandison on 08/04/2016  2:50 AM Reply

    Hi there :)
    I would love to know how to join your agency and how old you have to be. I am 17 and really interested in what you do.

    Please get back to me as soon as you can.

    Shanola x

    • by IShelley on 08/04/2016  5:22 PM Reply

      Hi Shanola
      Thanks for your response. Contact and ask them directly.
      BBH Team

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