This Black-Owned Skincare Line Says ‘No’ to Toxic Beauty

DW Aesthetics product range

DW Aesthetics is a black-owned skincare brand for healthy, makeup-free skin. It was started by Cynthia Adjei who struggled to find skincare products for her own skin pigmentation issues

Cynthia Adjei of DW Aesthetics

Cynthia Adjei struggled with finding skincare products for her own skin issues for years before deciding to start her the Black-owned skincare brand, DW Aesthetics. The new skincare brand features products with zero harmful ingredients that remove the need to use full-coverage makeup to conceal any blemishes or imperfections.

According to researchers, the average woman uses 12 different beauty products every day that contain a combined total of up to 200 chemicals per day. Many of those chemicals have been linked with allergies and an increased risk of cancer. This shocking statistic inspired Adjei to search for solutions that target skincare issues such as acne, pigmentation and discoloration, without putting more toxins on the face.

Adjei’s ultimate goal is to encourage clients to feel so empowered in their own skin that they don’t feel the need to wear heavy makeup everyday.

“Having gone through my own skin treatment journey, I realised there are still so many products on the market that may be misleading, and not really solving any of your skin problems,” says Cynthia Adjei, founder of DW Aesthetics. “As a Black woman who had issues with skin pigmentation, I was struggling to find natural and really beneficial products on the market, so eventually I decided to create them myself.”

After several years of collaborating with professional pharmacists to source, research and develop her product line, DW Aesthetics was created with safe skincare in mind. The product range features key natural ingredients such as essential oils, aloe vera, shea butter and more.

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