Top 5 UK spas

5. Macdonald Bath Spa Hotel

Nestled into the charming and historical town of Bath – think genteel Gregorian architecture, landscaped gardens and clean English air – this luxury five star hotel has a historical vibe that lends so well to escaping fast-paced city life, but with all the comfort and delights of a modern-day spa.

If you want to treat yourself or spoil a loved one, go the extra mile by choosing the Indulgent Spa break. This includes overnight accommodation – most rooms have views of the stunning landscaped grounds, a three course evening meal – the Roasted Loin of Cod is recommended, the hotel’s award-winning breakfast – served till 11am so you can afford a lie in, and a one-hour treatment per person – choose from the Elemis Deep Tissue Back Massage, Elemis Taster Facial, Lime & Ginger Salt Glow, Pro Collagen Hand&Nail Treatment or Sole Delight Grooming for Feet.

The Elemis Deep Tissue Massage uses a blend of essential oils melt away tension in aching muscles. So if you’re hunched over a desk all day or carry your handbag on one shoulder, the therapist will target areas to alleviate pain and reduce stress levels.

Above all, what made Macdonald Bath Spa a pleasurable experience were the highly-trained cheery staff that make you feel welcome as soon as step over the threshold.

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Indulgent Spa Break £178 per person. To book call 0344 879 9106 or visit

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